Natalie and Aaron

Jr essica & Chato 

"When my Husband and I decided we wanted to get married, we figured a private ceremony would be ok. Not long after that decision we decided we wanted a real wedding.With only 2 shorts months to plan our dream wedding, Chato and I decided to talk to Yami. She was so excited to get the chance to help us. She started right away!  She spent everyday on our wedding for the whole 2 months. Yami walked us through what we needed to do and offered up many vendors and resources to make everything possible. Our wedding was not huge but also not as small as we had planned it to be. We ended up having at least 230 guest! Yami not only guided us through the whole process but she and her staff made my decorations and decorated on the day of. Yami made our special day beautiful!!!"

Thanks Yami

Where do I even begin to start? There are honestly no words to describe how amazing Yami is at what she does. When I first got engaged I had no idea what was about to come! All the late nights, craziness, headaches, vendors, payments, appointments, etc. was so overwhelming to me. I’m beyond grateful that Yami was my wedding coordinator.

From the very beginning she was on top of everything! She had a huge binder that went month-by-month in what all needed to be done. She had a checklist for everything as well. Yami texted me daily to make sure that I was on top of everything on my end as well. If it wasn’t for her I really don’t think some things would have been done in time. Like I said, I had no idea what to expect! There were even tiny little details that I would’ve never thought of that she suggested. One of the things I liked most about Yami is that she was honest in everything she did! If I had something picked out or decorated a certain way she would be honest and tell me her opinion (if she had a different one than me) on why it wouldn’t work out the way I thought, but she always did it in a nice manner. After she would give me her opinion she would always reassure me that it’s MY day so whatever I wanted she would do regardless of what she suggested! I think I went with her opinion on everything anyways, lol.

There was a point in time when I was having trouble contacting one of my vendors so Yami went out of her way to call them herself, leave voicemails, as well as email… I think she called twice a day for three days but hey it got the job done! Months before my wedding she was calling my vendors making sure they had everything in line. Anytime I had a question or was worried about something she would always put my mind at ease.

The day of was… breathtaking and smooth to say the least… and all thanks to Yami. She was the first one at the venue that morning, and started helping unload the decorations right away. She went above and beyond making sure I wasn’t stressed about anything… and I wasn’t! I just knew deep down that Yami would make sure my big day was a dream come true. Not only did I get compliments from family members and guests about how smooth everything went, the vendors even complimented Yami too! My linens lady told me and Yami that she has never been to a wedding so organized and that she was impressed!

I’m sure there were a lot of behind the scenes stuff Yami had to do also. I will be forever grateful that she was with me every step of the way! I promise you that planning your wedding will be so smooth with Yami. Like I said before, there are just no words that can explain how GREAT Yami is! Highly highly highly recommend Perfectly Planned Events! Thank you so much, Yami!!!!! My day was PERFECT thanks to you. You are so skilled at what you do! :)